Spring 2013

The Spring 2013 issue of Amaranth, with contributions by Michael Lloyd, Kylie Gray, Kevin Wenger, and James Finley, among many others, is now available via .PDF link or in hardcopy format throughout the campus.  Please take a look at your first opportunity.   
*Indicates Amaranth Prize Winner
Amaranth Spring 2013 may be found here.
Contents:Lehigh University Department of English Amaranth - The Literary Journal of Lehigh University
Front/Back Cover Art -Logan McGee
Butter & Smoke* -Michael Lloyd 3
F Words* -Kevin Wenger 6
Rind, After an Evening Shower* -Dominique Brown 14
Monster’s Breath -Billy McIntyre 15
firewood* -James Finley 18
Dog Without a Master -Michael Lloyd 19
This Old Place* -Kylie Gray 20
Joking Moon -Kevin Wenger 29
Interview: Marjorie Hudson -Kurt Hoberg 30
Identity -Xandra Yantzi 32
The Red Death -Michael Lloyd 33
Beyond the Limit -Allie Zamfir 39
Lakeshore Drive* -Allie Zamfir 40
This is a Postcard -Emma Diehl 41
Home from the Hospital* -Kevin Wenger 44
Enough is Enough -Kara Falcone 45
My Sidewalk on an Evening in Early Winter -Andrew Brice 51
The Mechanic’s Lament -Michael Lloyd 52
Household Products -Kevin Wenger 53
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