2007 Amaranth

Amaranth Spring 2007 may be found here.Lehigh University Department of English Amaranth - The Literary Journal of Lehigh University, Spring 2007
Aubade -Chris Campanioni   4
On the Path Train -Chris Campanioni   6
Reflections -Dylan Smith   8
Clock (art) -Cory Nolan   10
Taking the Controls (story) -Dylan Smith   11
She Takes the Elevator (art) -Peter Bond   25
Evening in Autumn -Chris Campanioni   26
This Place Is Electric -Chris Campanioni   28
Tangerine -Kathleen Mish   30
Road (art) -Peter Bond   31
The Day Buys Coffee at Starbucks -Michael Murawinski   32
The Inevitable Melancholy -Michael Murawinski   34
Possibility Flutters -Carissa Daino   35
Villanelle -Dave Blasco   36
Alzheimer’s -Dave Blasco   38
Misplaced Grocery List -Kevin Riling   40
Unfaked -Aubade Kevin Riling   42
Boots (art) -Peter Bond   43
Ticktock Bodies -Kevin Riling   44
Rouge Waves -Dylan Smith   46
Rage (story) -Dylan Smith   48
Reconciliation -Chris Campanioni   54
Embodied -Chris Campanioni   56
Gunshot. A Few More -Chris Campanioni   58
3 AM: We -Justinna Porcelli   60
Field (art) -Peter Bond   61
There Are Times -Carissa Daino   62
Watch the Lean Birds Fly -Jessica Ohebshalom   64
Mourning -Jessica Ohebshalom   66
The Wail in the Canyon -Gary Ritacco   68
She Beckons from Bondi -Rebecca Beardsall   69
Aubades -Dave Blasco   70
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