2006 Amaranth

Lehigh University Department of English Amaranth - The Literary Journal of Lehigh University, Spring 2006Amaranth Spring 2006 can be found here.
Space Monkey Odessey (poem) -Bob Aluni     4
Frozen Echoes -Aaron Bergman     5
Europe Traveled -Aaron Bergman     8
Weighted Differences -Sari Biddleman    17
Buckingham by Moonlight (poem) -Chris Campanioni    25
The Road (poem) -Chris Campanioni    26
Thursday Night -Chris Campanioni    27
Blue to Gray (poem) -Carissa Daino    37
There Is Something Sexy About a Gun (poem) -Anthony Dezabo    39
Teddy (poem) -Anthony Dezabo    40
Dreams Interrupted -Nina Granberry    42
Prey -Holly Kent    50
Helpless -Martha MacKenzie    52
A Natural Destroyer (poem) -Francesca Murasko-Blank   53
The Park (poem) -Jessica Ohebshalom    54
Nights Jetting (poem) -Jessica Ohebshalom    55
Living for the Performance of Duty (poem)  -Jessica Ohebshalom  57
Broken -Gwen Purdom    59
Remember His Boots (poem) -Kevin Riling    63
Snow-stormed Lives (poem) -Kevin Riling    65
You Think I Need a Bigger Vocabulary (poem) -Ben Rosenau    66
Reflection (poem) -Liz Wysocki    68
A Tree Near Coppee Hall (poem) -Liz Wysocki    69
You and I (poem) -Liz Wysocki    71
Resumption -Aliza Jennifer Zelin    73
Rain (poem) -Susan Zelinski    79
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